YEAR 2021-22 1ST QUARTER ENDING ON JUNE 30, 2021 (Rs. In Lacs) 2ND QUARTER ENDING ON SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 (Rs. In Lacs) 3RD QUARTER ENDING ON DECEMBER 31, 2021 (Rs. In Lacs) 4TH QUARTER ENDING ON MARCH 31, 2022 (Rs. In Lacs)
REVENUE 0.76 6.22    
EXPENDITURE 76.05 117.16    
PROFIT BEFORE TAX (PBT) (75.29) (110.94)    
PROFIT AFTER TAX (PAT) (75.09) (110.81)    
EARNINGS PER SHARE (EPS) (1.89) (2.79)    
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