• Execution of  trades in demat in market lot of ONE equity share is now made available by BSE.
  • To improve the liquidity in terms of number of transactions and volume of shares on the Exchange.
  • For better discovery of price on the Exchange.
  • Faster settlement cycle, making the transactions of sale, purchase and transfer much simpler and faster.
  • Faster disbursement of Non-cash corporate benefits like Rights, Bonus,  etc.
  • To lower the transaction cost.  Lower brokerage is charged by many brokers for trading in demateralised securities.
  • Elimination of bad deliveries.
  • No stamp duty on transfer.
  • Periodic Status Report and information available on internet.
  • Ease related to change of address of investor.
  • Elimination of problems related to transmission.
  • Ease in portfolio monitoring.
  • Ease in pledging the shares.
  • SMS alert facility.
  • No risk of loss on account of fire, theft or mutilation.

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